Leap in oil production with one solution

Mohammad Khatibi, emphasizing that the sale of petroleum products and preventing the sale of raw materials can lead to the realization of the year, said: By converting raw materials into products can not only create a leap in production but also create added value and increase employment Also becomes; In addition, it significantly reduces the country’s vulnerability during sanctions.

He added: “In the field of energy, the leap in production is more important in the production of products, and given that we now have problems in selling crude oil, but there is no particular problem in selling products, it is necessary to pay serious attention to this important issue.”

“In the past decades, there has been no problem in selling products,” he said. We have given the country more wealth.

Emphasizing that oil products are definitely much more valuable than the crude oil that is sold, Khatibi said: “I believe that the conversion of crude oil into products and even in other sectors such as gas and petrochemicals is a very significant issue that can be Can be mentioned in the realization of the name of the year.

Emphasizing that the conversion of crude oil into a product can be of great benefit to the country, he said: “This issue should be on the agenda of the officials, and with the realization of this, happy events will be achieved for the country.”

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