Record a new record in the country’s gas transmission

According to Shana reporter, Saeed Tavakoli today (Tuesday, February 20) on the last day of the meeting of knowledge-based companies and startups in the oil industry and providing technological needs, referring to advances in the field of equipment required by domestic companies, said: Strong pressure is one of these developments, but as the CEO of the National Iranian Gas Company stated, academics are not aware of the needs or, if they are aware, are unsure of their ability to exploit them.

Pointing out that the problem is that we do not have the structure and organization to pursue this issue, he added: “In the last 20 days, a new record was set in gas transmission. In just one day, we transferred 792 million cubic meters of gas; 18 of our stations operated without a spare unit; Some lines with a capacity of 90 million cubic meters carried 142 million cubic meters of gas.

The CEO of Iran Gas Transmission Company also said: “Part of the self-sufficiency exhibition on the sidelines of this conference is related to items made, and part is the items that we need, but for whatever reason, no one has come to him; If the company wants, it can go to the regions and see the needs.

Tavakoli, while announcing some technological needs of Iran Gas Transmission Company, stated: “Help in the form of intelligence in any part of the pipeline routes, we are also ready.” Our concern is that a lot of work is done in an island and scattered, and we hope to create a single window.

Emphasizing the need to create a common understanding of startups and knowledge-based companies, he said: “Iran Gas Transmission Company is ready to use all its capacities.”

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