The stock exchange hosts a variety of hydrocarbon products

According to Shana, quoting the Energy Exchange, the internal ring of this exchange, today (Monday, March 17) witnessed the supply of heavy cutting goods, light furnace fuel and liquid nitrogen of Tabriz Petrochemical Company, heavy cutting of Amirkabir Petrochemical Company, heavy cutting of Shazand Petrochemical Company, Pantan Plus Pars Petrochemical is the gas condensate of Khangiran gas refinery, gas condensate of South Pars gas complex and light naphtha of Tehran oil refining, and sour naphtha, light naphtha and middle naphtha of Persian Gulf Star Oil Company and light naphtha and heavy naphtha of Abadan oil refining are offered in the international ring.

On Sunday (March 16), hydrocarbon cutting goods from petrochemical wastes free of any Biston petrochemical subsidies and Halal 402 Tabriz Oil Refinery were traded in the internal ring of the physical market of Iran Energy Exchange.

On this day, more than 63 tons of hydrocarbon products worth more than 2 billion and 793 million rials were traded in the physical market of Iran Energy Exchange. 09 April 2016 / Comments are closed

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